valley_oak (valley_oak) wrote,

Keep Away

My hoarding mother is telling people her sisters are keeping me from her. As if I am some weak simpleton who can be kept from someone I want to see. I am 38 years old. I have traveled the world several times by myself. I can make travel arrangements to see friends in a language besides English. I own a car and have a job. She used to tell people how stubborn and pigheaded I was. If I wanted to see my mother I would see my mother.

Both her and her sister live about 50 miles from me (in different cities). The fact that I choose to visit her sister over her is because her sister is pleasant to be around and is supportive of me and my decisions and well, there are places to sit in her home and she has a functioning toilet I can use. The other sister supposedly keeping me from my mother is the only one who still tries to see her point of view, the only one who still calls to check in on her, the one who very gently keeps trying to get me to reconnect with my mother.
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