valley_oak (valley_oak) wrote,

Does it keep the water hot?

One of my hoarder's overnight visits sticks in my mind. I bought instant coffee and creamer for her for her visit (I don't drink coffee or milk). I heated the water for her in the electric tea pot. She poured water into a cup and then asked, does it keep the water hot. I thought she was asking if it maintained the heat like a coffee pot would and I said no. She then put the cup of hot water in the microwave for another minute or two. When she added the coffee, it erupted, spilling coffee and boiling hot water/coffee all over the counter, floor, down the cupboard doors and it seeped into the utensil drawer. I looked at her and then the mess and said, let me get a towel for you. Her response, "I knew you didn't want me here, I just knew I was unwelcome in your home." And then she stomped into the other room, leaving me to clean up her mess.

Tags: bad manners, hoarder, hoarding
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