valley_oak (valley_oak) wrote,

Painted bedroom and carpet

As I child I loved the colors blue and purple (now I am all about purple). One year when we had gone to visit our father (crazy, but not a hoarder), I think I may have been a pre-teen, my hoarding mother took everything out of our rooms and painted them. My brother got a lovely blue/green color I got coral (pink/orange). I was furious I had an orange room (really it depended on the light). She also pulled up all of the old tile in my room because she was going to install carpet (I came home to all of my stuff piled outside on the patio). Several years later, I ended up painting the floor white. Eventually we got hand me down carpet when someone else re did their house and the room had carpet for a couple of years until we realized the entire carpet under the bed was soaking wet and moldy due to a pipe leak in the wall (and I wondered why I was having respiratory issues when I came home from college). Still no carpet in the room some six plus years later, but you'd never know. Mom made it into her bedroom (her ceiling leaks, the light doesn't work and she never finished cleaning under her bed after she started it some  years ago) and she sleeps on my childhood mattress.

Tags: carpet, hoarder, hoarding, mold, painting
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