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My HP for years has had all sorts of get rich schemes. She picked up things from craigslist for free she was going to sell (they fell apart sitting in the front yard covered by a tarp). My dead father's truck still sits in her front yard as it has since 1991. But she says it might be worth money. It has a tree growing up through the engine. The car that was in that accident, still out front because she knows she can get money for it. She was going to grow herbs and sell them at the farmer's market. She was going to scan her botanical drawings and sell those. We bought her a scanner, it's still in the box.

My HP has for years tried to get me to post things on EBAY for her to sell, since she "knows" I sell on EBAY. I have never sold on Ebay. I have purchased from, but never sold. I keep telling her this, but she "knows" I sell on Ebay (insert exasperated sigh) so it doesn't matter how many times or ways I've told her.

But with all these ideas, has she ever successfully sold anything belonging to her, nope. It's not like she's stupid, as she likes to remind anyone she think is talking down to her, she has a BA in Biology and a certificate in computer arts. Have I ever successfully sold anything? Yup. Lots of stuff. Has she ever taken my advice? Nope. Will she take the advice from wonderful strangers and casual friends? Yes. Sigh.
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