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Green Ham

I just shared this on the COH forum and thought you might also appreciate this dark humor...

This was when I was still in contact with my HP, but towards the end when I was finally getting it.

I cleaned my mom's fridge out. Just the really nasty stuff, like moldy and green foods, bulging containers.

She flipped out.

I had tossed the perfectly good ham that she had just taken out of the freezer the day before and was going to use for our lunches that day. I was just so wasteful. I hadn't tossed it and told her so. She insisted I had, that it was no longer in the fridge. I asked if it was the ziplock baggy of green ham on the top shelf over to the left. No there was no ham, she had just taken it out of the freezer yesterday, maybe the day before. I had thrown out her good ham, how could I. It was perfectly good. She went into the bathroom. I was spitting mad and went to the fridge, grabbed the baggy of green ham (no idea why I saved it) and followed her into the bathroom (luckily the door couldn't close because of the bookcase in the way) screaming (and waving the baggy in her face while she sat on the toilet) is this the ham, is this the good ham I threw out that you were going to feed to me, IS THIS THE HAM, is it???

I really don't remember what happened after I confronted her screaming and waving the green ham in her face. But in retrospect it sure is funny (deranged COH confronts HP in bathroom waving bag of green ham more at 11 ;)
Tags: dark humor, green ham, hoarder, hoarding parent
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