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Gifts - it's a trap

We got a big box of baby clothes (mostly) from my HP week before last. I knew we would get something from her. She loves getting baby stuff and uses any excuse to buy goodies for babies and small children. Mostly hoard smell free (there were two little sweaters knitted by the neighbor that smell heavily of the hoard and have been quarantined) and mostly new (there was a whole bag of gently used clothes). There are no receipts, but she left most of the tags on, just cutting out the prices. We decided since they were purchased sometime in the last six months (since we knew our little bundle was a boy) it would not be worth the effort to try to return anything. We returned gifts from someone else instead (how many 0-3 month onesies do you really need). There were some bottles (thanks mom for deciding I'd be using bottles and this particular brand). There were "Thank You" cards included as well. As if at 39 I don't know to send thank you cards or wouldn't have thought of it without my HP. The letter included was pretty normal (much like the one from my birthday last month), only one thing that really made me go "huh?"

It does make me sad to think about how much money she spent on this big box of clothes that we really didn't need. She sent duplicates of things we already have. If she were not the agent of chaos she is, we could have had a conversation about what we needed. If I was getting that much stuff for someone else, I'd have asked, what do you really need? But instead it's a box of stuff she wanted to get for a baby boy, any baby boy.

My husband thinks it's a peace offering, that she will never apologize for her nasty vicious emails and that I'm just too close to the whole situation. I think she's midway in her cycle (whatever it is) and that by the time she sees me next she will have decided that I am some horrible ungrateful child who deserves her wrath. I think it's a trap. I've fallen for them before and been severely burned. All my instincts are screaming danger, DANGER, IT'S A TRAP!!!!
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