valley_oak (valley_oak) wrote,

Not invited to the Baby Shower

Evidently my HP was surprised/hurt that she wasn't invited to the baby shower, even though my husband told her that she was not invited months ago. My brother told her not to worry because he wasn't invited either. I said he was. And he said no he wasn't. I said yes you were and he repeated that he wasn't. I told him I put together the list and that an evite was sent to him in August and then again in September and asked if he ever checked his spam box and he said, well no. I said I wasn't surprised I hadn't heard from him since it was one of his work days and figured he didn't respond because he couldn't attend (we had a similar conversation previously where he said he assumed a non answer to a question would be interpreted as a negative answer). He said he would have tried to make it to the baby shower (he sounded a little surprised that I would assume he would not respond to a baby shower invite).
Tags: hoarding parent
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