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The Piano

When I started at the community college (20 years ago) and took a piano class my HP was able to get a free piano from a friend for me to practice on. Very exciting. It's an upright weighing a million pounds. The piano was never tuned, but I still practiced on it. Of course I have no place for this piano and it was peed on by a sick cat several times and has had rats playing inside. My HP refers to it as my piano.

At one point she asked if I wanted it, because the piano is the reason why the living room is a mess (eyeroll), and I said sure when I have a place for it (I know not the best response). Then she told me this friend of hers was interested and would I mind if she gave it to this friend and I said go ahead mom, if she's interested and you want to give it to her, give it to her. I was excited, she wanted to give something away and someone wanted it.

Next time I was at the house the piano was still in the same place. I said I thought you were going to give that to your friend. Her response was, you told me not to. What? I said if she wants it and you want to give it to her, give it to her. I don't have a place for it. She said I was sending mixed signals. I said get rid of it. I even told her, if you clear a path to the door I will help you move it outside for her to pick up. A path was never made.

The conversation about the piano and this friend took place over several months.

Last time I mentioned her friend and giving away the piano she looked at me like I was crazy and said "She never wanted the piano. I don't know what you are talking about."

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